About Covenant Financial
Leadership Initiative


Applicants must meet all the following stipulations:

  • Currently active in full-time pastoral, chaplaincy, or mission ministry through the Evangelical Covenant Church, with at least two years’ ministry experience. (Those serving in non-Covenant settings must have received Board approval for service location.)
  • Hold a current ECC credential and be in good standing as defined by the Board of the Ordered Ministry for the credential that is held.*
  • Ministerial association dues must be current. (Those who have not paid dues may pay any outstanding dues owed and have their Conference Ministerial Association Treasurer contact the CFLI office to report good standing.)

*Those who are serving with a bi-vocational credential may be eligible if they have completed vocational excellence and serve in ministry as their primary vocation (paid). BVL holders should contact the Director of CFLI to determine eligibility.