Covenant Financial Leadership Initiative (CFLI) provides opportunities for personal financial development

Jump Start

One facet of CFLI is a personal finance retreat, titled Jump Start, for ministerial couples or singles. This interactive retreat takes a formational, devotional, and practical look at personal finances and identifies tools to help build spending plans that invite impact.

Participants will:

  • Assess their current financial health.
  • Identify personal money beliefs and how they impact financial choices.
  • Develop a financial planning action list.

This personal finance retreat is a prerequisite for receiving personal financial coaching.


This interaction is in a Friday night/Saturday retreat format. It is for singles and married couples.

Jump Start Schedule

The schedule will be adjusted to account for contextual needs of specific locations but in general it will flow as noted below.

Friday: 7-9 pm (CST)
Saturday: 9 am to 3 pm (CST)

What people say after participating in the retreat:

“I deeply appreciated how the discussions on finances were not just strategy but Scripture-focused and emotionally healthy.”

“This was not just another workshop. We realized our spending habits were not reflecting our values.”

“The Consumer Aid Grant was the greatest help. Ours is a low-income issue, so that remains. I think seeing our net worth is eye-opening. I think realizing the main issue is income, takes some guilt away and allows for future steps to try and better that.”
– Town and Country Pastor


Jump Start Retreat Application – PDF

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