Congregational Financial Leadership Trainings provides tools to help churches

Congregational Financial Leadership Seminars

National Covenant Properties offers financial and real estate training sessions intended for church pastors, treasurers, staff, and church leaders. This  seminar provides tools to help churches deliver good financial reporting, build healthy and missional financial practices and understand essential core topics from ministerial compensation to fraud protection.

Attendees will learn:

  • How healthy and missional churches manage their finances
  • How to structure your budget to make key ministry decisions
  • The latest tax regulations for pastors
  • Best practices to communicate the financial reports to leadership and the congregation
  • How to use and interpret financial dashboards, to assess whether your facility is a tool for effective ministry
  • Understand why capital fund-raising is good for your church.

Topics that will be covered:

  • What is the big deal with my church’s financial statements and reporting?
  • Aligning your budget to your ministry plans
  • Ministerial compensation and taxation
  • Fraud risk assessment and prevention
  • Intro to Real Estate Services
  • Why church buildings matter
  • Capital fundraising

*Attendees will receive their church’s financial dashboard and an assessment of their internal controls if they register at least 3 weeks before the event (you will need to provide the last 3 years of financial statements).

National Covenant Properties (NCP) supports growth of local and regional ministries by connecting mission-minded investments to Kingdom-expanding projects. Our partnership serves individuals, congregations and organizations who share our commitment to Kingdom-building, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

For question, scheduling, and/or interest in hosting a session, please contact: Peter Hedstrom, President National Covenant Properties (e) (t) 773.442.6582

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