How do we invite people into a stewardship conversation?

Cultivating Generosity for Congregations

Nelson Searcy in his book “Maximize” says that when it comes to money and the church one of our biggest challenges is silence. He goes on to say, “Jesus was never afraid to talk about money. Outside of the kingdom of God, stewardship was his favorite subject. He talked more about money and possessions than about faith and prayer combined. He spent more time dealing with denari than with heaven or hell. In fact, if we were to teach about money as Jesus did we would have to make it our topic every third week.

Cultivating Generosity for Congregations is for your leadership team and the pastors. The Key Themes are:

  • Stewardship as Discipleship
  • Leadership as an Asset-based journey
  • Mission as an invitation towards impact
  • Fundraising is about relationships
  • Generosity is Good News in Action


Cultivating Generosity

Catalyzing Potential Cohorts

The world has changed, and these shifts are influencing how Christians give. Old models, assumptions, and expectations about how to nurture generosity are having diminished impact and new forms have emerged. The good news is that giving to churches and faith-based ministries are by far the largest slice of charitable giving in the United States. People of faith give. The challenging news is that the percentage of giving to the local church is decreasing. It is not that people aren’t giving; it is that Christians are giving differently.

A vibrant congregational cohort experience will examine these dynamics, explore what this means for the local church, and identify how to adapt in order to cultivate generosity and catalyze potential in the local context


Congregational leadership teams of four to five persons from each of the chosen churches will meet three times over a six-month period to explore themes of faith and finance relevant for their contexts. This will occur in three full-day Saturday sessions. Between gatherings, each church leadership team will work on church-specific projects.

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