Promoting financial wellness

Covenant Pastors this is for you!

With the Covenant Financial Leadership Initiative, we bring together open, curious, and credentialed Covenant Pastors to cultivate a culture of excellence that takes charge of their own and their congregation’s financial health with a ministry and supportive peer community dedicated to the goal of financial resilience and the path out of debt and distress, so that we can each fully realize our calling and purpose with financial stability and lead confidently by example.

Financial literacy is the starting point for being able to build financial capability. Financial capability is the capacity, based on knowledge, skills, and access, to manage financial resources effectively (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). Financial wellness is the objective of financial capability efforts.

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“The reaction from our pastoral community who have participated in Financial Leadership can be described as a profound sense of relief, and a sense of hope that their situations will improve, and goals will be reached if they stay true to the patterns they identified and made a commitment to maintain. Many of our Pastors were relieved to know that others care about them and stand ready to come alongside and encourage them.”

Don Meyer, Financial Coach

"I deeply appreciated how the discussions on finances were not just strategy but Scripture-focused and emotionally healthy." "This was not just another workshop. We realized our spending habits were not reflecting our values."

Leaders who participated in the JumpStart Retreat

"The Debt Payment was the greatest help. Ours is a low-income issue, so that remains. I think seeing our net worth is eye opening. I think realizing the main issue is income, takes some guilt away and allows for future steps to try and better that."

Town and Country Pastor

"We need to be preaching and teaching on financial topics annually from different angles and talk openly with the church and financial leaders in the church about goals and values. I would also like to hold a budgeting class for our church and the community."

Covenant Chaplain

"I am slightly more comfortable about talking about issues of faith and finance. I have been fairly open about discussing this topic in the past—especially in regard to my own personal finances—but Jump Start and the grant have given me some more approachable language and angles for addressing this topic in the local congregation."

Central Conference Pastor

"I have been encouraged and helped by those who have been open, transparent, and willing to talk to me about such issues, so I seek to do the same for others. Framing the conversation in terms of money as a tool and not a goal is helpful."

Great Lakes Conference Pastor